About Proverbs 18:10 Media

Proverbs 18:10 Media seeks to produce media, especially audio podcasts, that relate biblical truths to the defense of the faith in today’s culture. With that in mind, I am producing five public podcasts.

  1. The Paul Taylor Podcast draws on decades of apologetics and creation teaching, to provide a solid background for your worldview. I have previously worked with Answers in Genesis, Creation Today, and the Mount St Helens Creation Center, speaking on creation, Genesis, and apologetics. A few months ago I was challenged to include these ideas in a podcast, to provide regular teaching.
  2. In The Car with Paul Taylor is a much more informal podcast, often, though not always, recorded in the car. This podcast gives me the freedom to comment widely and even rant over issues!
  3. What Next? This is a podcast about eschatology – the study of the End Times. You may find this podcast challenging, as I am neither postmillennial nor dispensational. But if you are open to a Classical (post-trib) Premillennial position, or you just have an open mind, then listen in!
  4. Tech Right offers brief pieces of advice on the use of information and communication technology.
  5. Words from the Tower is a series of very short, bite-size podcasts, on creation and apologetics. Podcast creators might like to download these and use them to fill in spaces in their podcasts.

Please note that in earlier podcasts, I had been planning on setting up a new ministry in Northern Idaho. I no longer think that is what God has in mind for me, and so I am attempting to plan for a new business, called All About Books. Please see that business’s website for details. However, I am not going to go back and re-record all the podcasts, and I still think the content is valid, so just bear that in mind as you listen.

Also – please support these podcasts, along with my living expenses, at my SubscribeStar page.

  1. There is also a special podcast for my SubscribeStar supporters only, called My World. There is a free very short teaser version on this site, but the full version is only for my Subscribe Stars!