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After a lot of prayer, my wife and I sought to move to Idaho to set up a new ministry. This is because I see a need for a new teaching ministry, operating in what I would call “Cultural Apologetics”. In this rapidly changing world, whose society is becoming daily less and less Christian and biblically based, I believe there is a need for a ministry that speaks specifically to these issues. The range of issues that I believe God is calling me to address will be a little broader than a creation ministry can accommodate, and will include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • Creation: This is still of fundamental importance to me. Few churches are teaching that Genesis records true history, yet without this solid foundation, much of the rest of biblical teaching lacks authority, and becomes what Jesus described as a house built on sand. My greatest influence in this area would still be Answers in Genesis.
  • Apologetics: It is my strong belief that Christians today need to know how to defend their faith. So many Christians, who know God personally, do not know how to articulate why they believe. Yet I do not believe it is difficult to grasp the tools needed to explain these truths, beginning with the necessary starting points. My principle influences in this area would be Greg Bahnsen.
  • Education: Our young people spend much of their time under the influence of educators who do not know God, or are even actively opposed to biblical values. This is one of the main reasons that the church is losing its young people. There is a need to encourage Christians to see education as a family, rather than government responsibility. Also, a new generation of Christian leaders needs training in all the areas described in this document. I have always been impressed with the way that Francis Schaeffer used to pass on his wisdom, during walks, and outdoor conversations, as well as the classroom.
  • Eschatology: This might be one of the more controversial areas, though differences of opinion in this area are not obstacles for Christians to divide over. I see the need for Christians to be prepared for the possibility of suffering and persecution before the end, and yet many Christians believe, I think erroneously, that they will not have to endure the coming persecution. Even if I am wrong, I would rather Christians were prepared for these eventualities, so teaching on end times would also be an important part of this ministry. In this area, I am influenced by George Eldon Ladd and by David Pawson.

As I considered an over-arching label for such a ministry, God kept bringing me back to an old children’s song, which included the line “the Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower”. Readers may recognize this as Proverbs 18:10: “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” This strong tower was never meant to be a permanent hiding place. God wants to send us out to live and work for Him, but under His authority, and His protection. Proverbs 18:10 Ministries seeks to be a small part of this process of training and preparing God’s people, by creation teaching, apologetics, education, and preparation for what is to come. To this end, I have set up a website – still in initial stages – at proverbs1810.org. This site will contain information in articles, audio, and video, as well as arranging teaching sessions, when Geri and I have an established base. We are seeking to establish this base in a place, where, on prayerful consideration, we think that the coming persecutions will be at a minimum, to help provide an element of refuge from the storm.

We are excited by the prospect of this adventure. We are no strangers to living by faith, but we can see that God is calling us to an even greater measure of faith.

Those who feel able to join us in prayer for this adventure are invited to check back here frequently, as new information, articles, and podcasts are published. Those who feel able to give, please look at our donations page to see the various ways in which this ministry can be financially supported.

Paul and Geri Taylor

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