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Reformed and Charismatic

For reasons which I have never really understood, there are many Christians who assume that the two theological terms “reformed” and “charismatic” are mutually exclusive, as if they were opposites. Yet the opposite of reformed is arminian, and the opposite of charismatic is cessationist. It should be clear, therefore, that these terms could easily be…

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The Queen must be out of her mind! Or else she is senile. Or else she has completely surrendered to her overlords in the Cabal.
She has given knighthoods to Patrick Vallance (who already had one – greedy…) and Chris Whitty. Sir Patrick and Sir Chris were the architects of the wicked lockdown restrictions in Britain. Her Maj also gave a Damehood to Dr. Jenny Harries, whose chaotic testing regime did so much to destroy the morale of British citizens, and probably sent many despairing citizens to their death by suicide. And – as I mentioned elsewhere – the evil Mr. Blair – who I regret to say I voted for in 1997 – is now Sir Tony, after his illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Queen has gone mad, her heir is the Tree-Hugging Trilateral, and his heir in turn is firmly wedded to the “climate change” false science. The people of Winchester could get free power, by wrapping wires and a magnet around the tomb of Alfred the Great, who must be rotating in his grave at great speed.