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No ministry can last without donations from prayerful supporters. Therefore, we would ask you to remember us in your prayers, and consider whether you might be able to donate to our work, either by a one-time gift or by a recurring (monthly) gift. It is my experience that ministries work best with lots of regular small donations – $5, $10, or $20. But in these early days of the ministry, we would also benefit receiving some larger donations to get us off the ground.

As yet, this ministry does not have 501c3 status. We will therefore be declaring these donations for tax, and, at the moment, you will not be able to claim them against tax. We will publicize on this page when that status changes.

There are a couple of ways of donating. Please use the link, which is most appropriate.

  • Please consider using my Patreon Page, to support my writing and podcast ministry.
  • Alternatively, consider using my SubscribeStar Page, to support my writing and podcast ministry.
  • For one-time gifts, please consider using my GiveSendGo page.