Dr David Menton – 1938 – 2021

December 19, 2021

Answers in Genesis rightly described Dr. David Menton, who passed away on December 11th 2021 after a brief illness, as a “giant in the AiG ministry”.

I first met Dr. David Menton in 2006. I had started working for Answers in Genesis (UK), and we were holding a large conference at the Swanwick Conference Center in England. Dr. Menton was one of the most popular speakers at the conference.

Creationists need those with PhDs who can push forward the academic side of the topic. But I have often found that creationist speakers with PhDs are not necessarily the most interesting to listen to. David was the exception that proved the rule. A retired university professor, David had a long academic career behind him, in which he had contributed much to scientific literature, but also to university teaching. His teaching was popular with his students, as he had the rare gift to be able both to be ground breaking and interesting. His creation talks, particularly, were challenging, but always accessible to everyone in the audience, especially because of his anecdotes, and sense of humor. In an interview with a friend of mine, who hosts a talk radio show, he once described a rock sample as having been “dated more often than a cheerleader”.

David was very prepared to sit down and talk, and he was especially good at listening. When my family visited the Creation Museum in 2007, David spotted us in the Noah’s Ark Café, recognized me, and sat and talked for a good, long time. My children were equally enthralled by him. At the 2006 conference, mentioned above, my son Jack, who was then 14, sat down opposite him at the lunch table. “Dr. Menton”, he asked politely, “Is it true that you can do conjuring tricks?” David’s eyes twinkled. He had been waiting for just such a question, and he had a number of small tricks with him, with which to entertain the children.

Other people have written of David’s intellect, and of his faith – he was a lifelong Lutheran. Many have commented on the sheer volume of important work for creationism. For example, Kentucky’s Creation Museum has the best ever display of the so-called ape-human, Lucy, with an accurate description of why the creature was actually fully ape. And David’s 8-volume lecture series on human anatomy is a classic work, which everyone should get hold of. But for me, although I didn’t see him that many times, and was not privileged to work beside him, I counted him as a friend – because that is how he introduced me to another creationist speaker once. His long and successful scientific career, and his creation ministry has come to an end with his death at the age of 83. But his influence lives on, and I know that one day I will see him again in glory. Thank you, Lord, for the life, work, and witness of my late friend, Dr. David Menton.

The official Answers in Genesis obituary for David Menton is at this link.

His video course on human biology – Body of Evidence – is at this link.

Some of his articles and other work can be found at this link.

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