My Social Media

Social Media is changing. The traditional platforms do not permit free speech. I have already left all but one of the traditional platforms. And the one on which I remain – Facebook – has banned me twice in the last week; I can only assume that my ban will become permanent soon.

So here is where you can find me.


This is, at the moment, my platform of choice. They have their own servers, so it seems like they cannot be canceled at the moment. And their CEO is not an anti-semite, like one of the other platforms below. Unfortunately, GETTR seems to be working slowly at the moment.


I like MeWe. It is my favorite style of social media, but it does not appear to be growing.


Looks like Minds might be a good alternative to MeWe – but there aren’t too many people there either.

Another MeWe / Facebook alternative. Time will tell which one survives.


This is a video sharing channel. It is easy to use, but not my favorite.


This is my favorite video and audio sharing channel. It is hard to get files uploaded, but when they are uploaded, it is easy to monetize them.


I now have an account on Locals, where you can support me, as well as getting the latest My World podcasts.


I had high hopes for Gab. It is true that it is a free speech platform. I find the large number of anti-semitic and racist posts and comments off-putting – but, no worries, as I can block them. However, the CEO himself turns out to be anti-semitic. That means I have to stay at the bottom end of using this platform, because my own adherence to free speech means I will not give my money to someone whose opinions are so obnoxious.


See above. My time on this platform is limited.


I have left YouTube, Pinterest, Parler, and Twitter behind, and am not going to advertize my accounts on those platforms.