Proverbs 18:10 Media is currently publishing six regular podcasts.

1. The Proverbs 18:10 Podcast

Tuesdays. My main podcast, covering Genesis and Apologetics.

2. In The Car with Paul Taylor

Fridays. Comment on politics, life, and current events, with a biblical worldview.

3. My World with Paul Taylor

Saturdays. Stories, histories, legends, and personal anecdotes from the UK.

4. What Next – with Paul Taylor

Wednesdays. A biblical groundwork for end times teaching.

5. Tech Right

Mondays. Series alternates with Classical Focus. Advice on information technology and how to stay safe with it.

6. Classical Focus

Mondays. Series alternates with Tech Right. How to enjoy listening to classical music. The show gives just enough info to enhance your enjoyment, without becoming a course in musical theory!

Classical Focus

7. Words from the Tower

Thursdays. Short shows, that you can download and use as fillers to your own podcasts/.