Reformed and Charismatic

November 22, 2022

For reasons which I have never really understood, there are many Christians who assume that the two theological terms “reformed” and “charismatic” are mutually exclusive, as if they were opposites. Yet the opposite of reformed is arminian, and the opposite of charismatic is cessationist. It should be clear, therefore, that these terms could easily be combined in four different ways. For example, it does not take long to find Arminian Cessationists. It was with incredulity that I recently listened to a preacher, expounding his belief in cessationism, and quoting extensively from Norman Geisler. Geisler was certainly a learned theologian. But he did not, for example, believe in the biblical timescale for creation, as outlined in Genesis. Nor did Geisler accept the five points of Calvinism. He did, however, hold to the belief that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit had ceased.

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